Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why is it so hard to work less on purpose?

As we continue to work our jobs under the furlough, I've noticed that more employees are expressing anger and frustration over having less time to get work done than over the loss of pay. We are being told to intentionally work less, take days off, and shelve long term projects----and we really resent it! Almost as much as we resent being told to work harder in the non-furlough years.

The trend is interesting, but not really surprising. It's classic reverse psychology. Employees who have earned the right to set their own work schedules are very protective of this right. These employees don't punch a clock. Their workdays were not defined by time before furloughs. But don't tell us what NOT to do either. We will defiantly keep getting the work done simply because you told us we couldn't.

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