Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Focus On the Things You Can Control

"When you focus on the things you can control, you give yourself the gift of independence--you'll be unhindered and part of the natural flow of the universe. By contrast, when you waste your energy on things you can't change, it inevitably weakens your sense of connection to the universal current and results in a sense of being enslaved and at the mercy of others. You play the role of the victim and you think, Somebody did this to me."

--Epictectus, The Book of Life

I'm always drawn to the words of Epictetus, especially when the times are hard. Epicetus was a Greek Stoic philosopher who lived from about 55-135AD. Epicetus was born a slave, but was eventually freed and lived an ill life in Rome. He was exiled, along with simliar philosophers, by the emperor Domitian in 90AD. If Epictetus can look at his circumstances and remain positive, so can we. Most of us can't change what's happening with our employer's budget, but we can change how we react to how the budget affects us.

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